PCFC has Landlord Loans

We have attractive financing options for landlords with no seasoning and reasonable underwriting guidelines. There has never been a better time to expand income property portfolios.

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Apartment Building Funding

PCFC has access to a totally new lending platform and lenders are now offering a loan program specifically tailored toward rental income producing properties. Realize your opportunity to take advantage of competitive interest rates.

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Commercial Funding

If you wish to purchase a shopping center, strip mall, office complex or other type of commercial property, speak with our group. PCFC can assist with these types of loans.

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Imagine what you could accomplish if you could obtain the funds you need to expand your rental home portfolio. Imagine for a minute that it’s a year from today and you have purchased another apartment building or commercial property. These are your dreams and desires and we can help you reach them. There is no risk or obligation when consulting with us for your loan. We charge zero fees up front and our lenders provide top-rated, affordable products for our clients at reasonable rates and terms. Reach out and contact us today about your next real estate purchase.